About Us

We Understand Dentistry in “Acro Dental” Like No one Else!


Our “Acro Dental” dentist team comprises of cosmetic dentists, orthodontists, root canal specialists, implant specialists, general dentists and dental hygienists. With all the different specialities, we can provide you with the best long term dentistry in “Acro Dental”. All our Dentists have the highest level of training and experience and are involved in the training of other Dentists. At our “Acro Dental” dental practice we understand the amazing impact a beautiful healthy smile has on a person.


Nervous Patient dedication in our “Acro Dental” Dental Practice


All our experienced staff are dedicated to nervous people and promise comfortable pain free dentistry. Whether you’re having a filling or a full mouth smile makeover we will make sure your individual experience is the best ever!



We offer


  • Painfree injections!
  • Hand buzzer if you wish a break from treatment
  • Sedation, oral or intravenous
  • Movies with our DVD glasses
  • Choice of Music
  • Cosy blankets neck and back cushions
  • Aromatherapy oils for your relaxation
  • Refreshments of your choice
  • Massage in our Escape spa



The most detailed Oral Examination by the best Dentists in “Acro Dental”


Our Oral assessment is the most comprehensive you will ever experience. We will examine your muscles, jaw joint, teeth, gums, oral cancer screen, bite pattern and more so that we can provide you with the best quality dentistry in “Acro Dental”.


Whatever type of dentistry you require we can help you so go ahead, call us for a free consultation!