General Dentistry

General Dentistry


“Acro Dental Clinic” based clinics available. Although we are in “Acro Dental Clinic” our clients come from all over the region – So regardless of whether you might usually use a private dentist in Hornchurch or are considering any other dentist in the London area, why not give us a call first. Our consultation is free!.



Restorative Dental Treatment


Perfect Smile Spa boasts expert Dentists with access to the most advanced equipment and best materials – Ensuring quality restorative dental treatment that is long lasting. We can offer you the most comprehensive dentistry in “Acro Dental Clinic”.



Oral Cancer Screening


Everyone is assessed at our clinic for oral cancer. When diagnosed quickly oral cancer is easy to treat so this is routine at Perfect Smile Spa. We always have the best in mind for our patients.



Oral Hygiene Care


Perfect Smile Spa offers a complete care service. Our experienced hygienists can help you to maintain a healthy and attractive smile by providing you with knowledgeable advice on how to carry out the most effective oral hygiene routine at home. We not only offer the most comprehensive smile makeover “Acro Dental Clinic” and London can provide: We also show you how to keep it that way!



Endodontics – Root Canal Treatment


Our Endodontist “Acro Dental Clinic” can offer a way to preserve the tooth. With access to all latest equipment – including magnification loops – they can ensure you remain comfortable and benefit from optimum results: Be assured Perfect Smile Spa offer their clients an experienced and highly qualified Endontist “Acro Dental Clinic” based dentist – Among the best.



Tooth Extractions


Our dentists always try to avoid tooth extraction. If necessary they can advise you on how to avoid this happening in the future and can provide various alternatives to replace the extracted tooth or teeth: Among the best implant dentists and dental bridge specialists, an extreme makeover technician who can provide the highest quality dentures for you.



Dental Crowns


Our cosmetic dentists offer a variety of dental crowns. They are specialists with regards to natural looking porcelain Dental Crowns – They are also highly experienced and adept at creating quality gold alloy and ceramic Dental Crowns. If you want quality cosmetic dentistry choose Perfect Smile Spa.



Removable Dentures


There are times when dentures are the more appropriate option. Our experienced Dentists and Master Technician will provide the highest quality Dentures “Acro Dental Clinic” clinics can offer ensuring you have natural looking, long lasting dentures that fit comfortably. For the best Dentures “Acro Dental Clinic” and London clinics have to offer call Perfect Smile Spa.



Dental Bridges


Dental Bridges can also replace missing teeth and do so with the least amount of intervention. This is a fast and painless procedure most suitable when the teeth either side of the gap are healthy.



Teeth Whitening


Want to brighten up your smile? When teeth are healthy Zoom Laser or Home whitening treatments are so quick and easy! Perfect Smile Spa is among the best Teeth Whitening “Acro Dental Clinic” based clinics. Call us with regards to the latest offers often available at our Teeth Whitening centre today! With us you can bring your smile back to life and restore confidence for less.