Teeth Whitening

What Is Teeth Whitening?


Teeth can naturally and safely whitening with the latest whitening techniques. Teeth can stain due to food, drink, decay, damage or simply old age. Teeth whitening uses a special whitening gel that safely lightens your teeth.



Types of Teeth Whitening


  • Laser ‘ZOOM’ teeth whitening – This is done in about one hour. Special whitening gel is placed on the teeth by a cosmetic dentist and the process is speeded up by a laser light. Usually in one hour you have whiter, brighter teeth.
  • Home teeth Whitening – This involves custom trays specially made for your teeth into which you apply whitening gel at home. The results are visible within days


Whichever system you opt for we usually see 4 – 15 shades up on the whitening scale!



What Type of Teeth Whitening is Suitable For Me?


If you want instant results then ‘Zoom’ laser whitening is perfect. In one hour you will have a whiter, brighter smile! If you do not mind waiting two weeks, then home whitening is still as effective. However, our cosmetic dentists recommend a combination of both for optimum results.



For How Long Does The Teeth Whitening Last?


Teeth whitening can last many years, but this depends on your diet and how you look after your teeth.



Benefits of Teeth Whitening


Teeth whitening is a non invasive way to whiten teeth. It does not harm your teeth at all. Teeth whitening is very good value for money and very, very quick! The great benefit from home teeth whitening is that you can top up your teeth for years to come so that it can last you for a very long time